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Matthew and Lindsey on Seagull Lake

Co-Owning Spirit Guiding Adventures has allowed us to cultivate our passion for the integration of adventure, wilderness, growth, healing, and human relationships.  We continue to travel into the wilderness for rest, retreat, reflection and adventure.

What is Matthew Doing now?

Matthew Baxley will continue to share the wilderness with the masses via his work with WTIP North Shore Community Radio hosting and producing the Boundary Waters Podcast. To subscribe to the podcast and stay connected to the BWCA year round, follow the link below.

What is Lindsey doing now?

Lindsey Gau continues to use her gifts and passion as an advocate for victims of domestic and sexual violence. To learn more about the work she is doing or to support the non-profit click the link below.


The human spirit includes our intellect, emotions, fears, passions, creativity and so much more. We believe in the Spirit that manifests in family, tribe, and community, as well as the individual. We believe it is necessary to reconnect with one’s self, and the larger universe through the wilderness. For the Human Spirit, this is an essential path to growth and healing. In a time where life can feel consumed by business, stress, and the need to always be moving, there is no better time than now to step away, reflect and reconnect. We encourage you to provide the time and space to do this in the context of wilderness and adventure.  Contact us if you need help connecting to local resources that will get you out there.